Why Walk Away With Something Tangible??

In a digital world, it has become a luxury to have images printed on a physical object. There is such an amazing feeling even to this day when you hold and look at your image when it is not on a computer or tablet screen with the brightness of the light glaring back at you.


How do I choose what I want to print?

After your session, we will schedule your Reveal + Design Appointment for two weeks out. During this time you will see your images for the first time and I will help you figure out what type of product and size is the best fit for the location you want it.

I have a place I want to hang wall art but I do not know what size I need?

Best thing to do is take a piece of 8.5x11 printer paper and hang it on the wall you want the wall art to hang. Take a picture with your cell phone straight on and send it to me. I will be able to use the piece of paper as a size reference to then determine the best wall art sizes for you.

Do I have to print?

No, you do not have to print ever but I highly suggest you do. I have clients who were content with the social media digitals to share on social media.

Can I print on my own?

Yes you can print on your own when you purchase the print release with the high resolution images. I do urge my clients to print through me because I have researched and work with some of the best high quailty labs in America, all the products print true to color and all my products come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Do I get any digitals?

Yes, All my clients will receive social media resolution digitals at the end of their Reveal + Design Appointment after they complete their order. This images are only for sharing, they will not print well.

How much should I expect to spend on Wall Art + Albums?

This varies greatly. I have clients who will invest only a few hundred dollars and I have others invest a couple thousand. The average client does invest around $1500

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