Champ celebrated his first birthday with a fun white background photoshoot! Yay! Paige, his owner, has owned Champ since he was 5 months. She really wanted these birthday photos for keepsakes. Paige loves her little guy so much and wanted to capture his playful attitude before he turns into a full-grown horse. His personality is full of attitude, brave tendencies, and free-spirited in nature. They love spending time together getting scratches and playing with the ball. He also loves to show off how well he can back up.

One of Paige's proudest moments with Champ was the first time he moved over for her to put the saddle on him. When they training it's like he can read her mind sometimes. Such a strong connection! Paige just loves how hard he tries and he has so much heart. Even though he's a young one he always tries so hard to stay focused and figure out what it is she asks him to do.

For his first birthday, she really wanted to get a picture of him in a birthday hat! so fun!!

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