Coming Soon... Fall 2021


Thank you for being a part of the very beginning stages of ES. ES is an all new couture brand of my main enterprise ES Equine Photography. My goal in creating this brand was simple: Provide a unique experience paired with a product offering that is unmatched in the industry. 

I remember times where I gazed at beautiful wall art of horses, and pondered to myself, “I love this piece in my house, if only it was of my horse”. Over the years I listened to others repeat the same request, I love this piece of art, but I wish it was of my horse”. ES Equine photographed hundreds if not thousands of horses over the years, capturing the amazing bond between horse and owner in some of the most beautiful locations, sunrises, and sunsets. My foray into natural light, black or white background photography has allowed clients to see unique moments of their horse. Even then, I felt that something was missing. A type of art; An experience; The statement piece that I dreamt of, and yearned for others to enjoy in their homes. This drive and passion leads us to where we are today, the genesis of something that will truly change the way the world sees horses and art. With that, I present to you: ES Luxury Portraiture.

Being a part of the beginning

The most essential part of building this new brand are the horses. To thank you for supporting this new venture and aiding in building this new brand, everyone will have the opportunity to purchase high quality luxury wall art at 25% off list prices.

After the session (3-4 weeks later), we will schedule a virtual or in person meeting. During this time you will have the chance to purchase limited edition Acrylic or Metal wall art, as well as photo print packages at special introductory pricing.

Custom Wall Art

Priced per square inch $2.50 for custom sizes

Most Popular Sizes Below

Acrylic | Metal

16x24 - $960

20x30 - $1500

30x40 - $3000

40x60 - $6000


Add custom framing to all wall art.

Equine Album

Custom Name Plate | All images | Leather Cover

8x8 - $1200

10x10 - $2000

12x12- $2500