Coming Soon... Fall 2021


An Equine Luxury Experience

ES was an idea for many years. While building the business ES Equine Photography, Evelyn always loved the look of studio photography of horses but never could find a way to incorporate it into the sessions she already offered. The style of shooting was different, the set up for the session involved so much more and the final product looked different and had this feeling of needing to be grand. The need of having a high end luxury product for clients who are specifically looking for statement pieces of large acrylic wall art for their homes. Instead of purchasing a piece of art of a horse that has no real meaning. ES brings meaning to your statement piece in your house of it being of your horse. Clients invest in large format wall art of 30x40 or larger.

Natural Light

Natural Light is the use of the light that is emitted from the sun. There is no artificial light used to create the photos. Natural light can be inconsistent and a pain to work with at times. Natural light for BBG is normally very consistent on the horse and there is not much to play with drastic shadows

Studio Light

Studio light is the use of 1-3 more studio strobes used to create artificial light. This opens up a wide range of creative opportunities for the artist to play around with light and the horse. The images turn out sharper and have more contrast.

Starting at $1200