White Background

White backgrounds are a new favorite for ES Equine Photography. The white background gives a very pure and dreamy look to the image but still captures the elegance and uniqueness of the horse's personality.


How should I prepare my horse?

Your horse should be squeaky clean with bright whites and no mud or stains. This is an investment and you want your horse to look their best.

Halter or Bridle or Nothing?

This is a personal preference, but we can do either. I do ask you to have a leather lead shank with chain. This is not used to control your horse, the chain is easier to edit out in post session processing. If you choose to use a bridle or halter, make sure it is clean and oiled. If you prefer a naked face, a bailing twine halter will be made: it's easy to edit out and allows control of the horse.

Should I braid?

I personally love how horses look when neatly braided, but long, flowy manes were meant to have the spotlight, too!

Where do you take the pictures?

Black background sessions can be achieved two different ways. If you choose the studio lighting look, we will do those in a large barn aisle or indoor. Natural light sessions are accomplished in the doorway of the barn aisle or indoor.

Should I Bring Someone?

Yes! It is always a good idea to have someone with you to help. During the session I will need someone to hold the horse and another to get the horse's attention. I can not guarantee I will have an assistant with me for each session.

Any tools I should have at the session?

-Towel to wipe their muzzle
-Lead Shank with Chain
-Hoof polish: clear or black
-Horse's favorite treats
-Things that normally get your horse's attention