Horse + Rider

Capturing the bond between you and your horse during the gorgeous golden hour light

Bond sessions are my absolute favorite. The uniqueness of horses and their owners creates cherished moments and inevitable bloopers. Are you a little camera shy? No worries! I will guide you into the right spots, but you will be able to focus on your horse while I work my magic.


How long is my session?

Your session is an hour long, starting at the agreed start time.

What if I am running late?

Please plan ample time before your session to make sure everything is ready to go. Adding extra time compared to your normal grooming time is always helpful!

What do I do if my horse is misbehaving?

I encourage clients to lunge or ride their horse before the session to release extra energy. If they get nervous easily, giving Perfect Prep 20-30 minute before the session starts typically helps and doesn't make their eyes look droopy. With any calming supplements, it is best to consult with USEF to make sure they are legal if you plan on competing.

What happens if it rains?

Do not worry! Each session has 3 built-in reschedules for this purpose. However, I have shot in a drizzle and overcast images have been some of my favorites.

What time are these sessions held?

For Horse + Rider, I try to shoot them 30 minutes before sunrise or 1.5 hours before sunset. This is when the light is the most gorgeous. Don't worry though, I can shoot these sessions at other times and will find the best lighting on your property!

Should I have hair and make up done?

It's personal preference, but I recommend using a professional if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.

How many outfits can I have?

For the 1 hour session, 3-4 outfits work without rushing. More than that tends to waste valuable shooting time.

What if we go over 1 hour?

I normally shoot until I feel I have captured everything I need to have a complete gallery for you. I always allow a time buffer in-between sessions in case there is an issue during the session and it runs over.

Do I need to bring anyone with me?

Yes! It is highly recommended you bring someone with you to your session. It will make things run smoothly. This person can help with the horse or with any clothing issues. Plus having a familiar face around will help you feel more relaxed.

I hate having my picture taken, but I want images of me and my horse. How do you help me not look so stiff?

You will find during my session I will have you petting and interacting with your horse a lot. Not only does this help me capture genuine moments between you two, but also helps you both relax. I will direct you how to stand with your horse and will do different poses with horse interaction. I do not have your stare at my camera for 60 minutes straight.