Upperville 2023

private Photo and Video Coverage

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WEF 2023 Weekly $1500

What Is Included

Contracted for only one week

-One Rider, 1-2 Horses

Contracted for only one week

Horse Add On $500

-Online Sharing and Downloadable Gallery

-24/72 Hour turn around time

-One Horse Equine Black or White Background Portrait Session

-Special Wall Art and Album Pricing

Add on Video

Bi-weekly video clips with 1-2 Reels made at the end of the week (Delivered Monday/Tuesday)

Weekly - $1250

1/2 Season - $1000 weekly

Full Season - $750 weekly

Season Barn Show Coverage Package

This package is specially for show barns with 4+ riders showing.

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Why a Private Show Photographer

I always loved the energy of a horse show and capturing the moments from in the ring to outside at the warm up ring or at the in gate. There are so many emotions ready to be captured from the riders to their trainers, grooms and friends and family there to cheer them on. With having a private photographer, you have those moments captured too. Instead of just a few standard classic shots in the ring, a private photographer is your own little paparazzi following you around from warm up, to in the ring, to after capturing your victories in a classic and also creative way. Having a private photographer, you walk away with more than just one or two images, you have multiple telling the story of you and your horse at that moment of the show.

What To Expect As A Private Client Of ES Equine Photography

Rain or Shine Evelyn will be there ring side capturing your round. There are many exciting things to look forward to when a private show client of ES Equine Photography. Once you have signed up for coverage be it just one week to 1/2 season or Full season, you will get a little welcome goodie bag going over the layout of the season and how I will know where and when you will be showing. We will be in contact the beginning of each week to talk about classes and how many horses will be shown that week. After your class each evening or the next morning the images will be uploaded to a gallery specifically for you for the whole season. In this gallery you will be able to download the social media images to share. At the end of the season we will put together a show album that will have your favorite memories from the season.