Hudson || Green Valley Farm

Alli decided to book a special black background session for her horse Hudson because on August 22nd they will be celebrating their 10th year together. She got him when he was 10 and she was about to be 16 years old. 

He’s an OTTB, and not much is known about his racing career other then he won a race when he was younger by having the first place winner being disqualified when he was second place, so he became the winner. 

In the beginning of their relationship, Alli was so in love with him, but omg he bit, cow kicked, buck, drug her around sooooo much and was such a brat. She would call his bites love bites. He came a very long way since I got him. He doesn’t do any of those naughty behaviors as much anymore.

She calls him Hudson Benjamin Button in horse form because she believe he’s aging and performing better as he gets older. He moves and jumps so much better as a 20 years old than he did at 10 years old. Although, he is still handsome as he was at day one when she saw him first. 

”My favorite memory of him....that’s a tough one!! There’s a lot of favorite memories- for example, how he came to my internship with me one summer and he swam in the horse pool once a week for conditioning, we love to go to Tyler state park to ride the trail then swim in the river there, and last summer horse show at Middlesex when he showed in the hunters for the first time in forever with no refusals (Hudson has stage fright and hates horse showing). Honestly, all of my good memories from 16 years old to now are pretty much with him in it! :) “ - Alli