2020 Highlight

This year at Murder Hollow has been one to remember. Getting to work with Renee is always a highlight. I absolutely love being their barn photographer and capturing the best moments, between their riders & horses. I meet some of the cutest balls it’s always a treat and I am excited to go back again and again. They have an amazing program for Appaloosas that is known nationally and internationally. They take such good care of the horses.

Our personal Gotcha story— My daughters first pony is from MH, Maddie. I was originally there to photograph her as a sale and fell in love. Looked over at Renee with a grin and asked “How much for the Pony?”.

I am is super excited to always work with them. In Spring 2021, they have a bunch of fouls coming which is going to be super awesome.

We also filmed an incredible promo video showcasing their barn. View their custom film HERE.

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