Sydney + Gaston || Abby + Sadie

Sydney and Abby's session, with their horses (Gaston & Sadie), was originally in the fall 2019. However, after doing a few in the chilly weather, we decided to reschedule. It was so cold and windy that day, and the horses were literal kites. It was no fun for them. Luckily, we got a second shot with beautiful weather! Capturing moments with these Sisters and their horses was a dream! I can't wait to share their stories with you all.

Abby + Sadie

Sadie is picky and has mare attitude, but knows her job. She does not like people food and prefers love from afar. She is bombproof. Abby got sadie from another farm in New Jersey. She was told that Sadie was a friends horse that they were watching for the week, and then we found out that Sadie was ours!!!

She is moody but sweet when she wants to be

Abby loves riding her bareback and is most proud of her accomplishment winning the Ludwigs fair and horse show. Abby never wants to forget how much we've grown together and all that she's taught me.

Every Equine Session tells a one-of-a-kind story between the relationship and bond between their rider.

Sydney + Gaston

Gaston is goofy, snuggly, curious, willing to please. They call him "olden retriever," just to give you an idea. Gaston loves people and loves being the center of attention. His curiosity always gets the best of him and always results in someone laughing. Also, he loves hugs and is always looking for a moment to snuggle. Under saddle, he is always aiming to please. Sometimes if his gelding brain isn't able to comprehend what they're asking him, he will always attempt to put his best hoof forward (haha).

Sydney loves how forgiving and flexible he is. Always willing to go with the flow, and always tries to make his rider happy. You will always be able to have a trustworthy friend in him. They found him in a backyard in central Jersey sitting for over a year looking for a job. The day Sydney tried him, his previous owner was adamant on not wanting anyone to ride him as he sat for over a year. They talked her into letting them ride him because they weren't going to buy a possible project resale pony without a ride beforehand (spoiler: they never sold him like we planned to because they love him so much). Once Sydney got on and asked for a trot, there were a few bucks but he settled quickly, even with lawnmowers and weed wackers going behind the tree line. His quietness and happy-go-lucky attitude was what sold her.

Fun Fact-His sire was one of the top oldenburg champions out in California, Just the Best.

Sydney loves brushing him and letting him scratch his face on her. And his stretchy hunter trot is to die for and she could do that all day every day. One of Sydney's proudest moments is just seeing how far they've come as a pair. Watching him grow into what he is today from where he came from has been amazing. Gaston was a blank slate that they were able to build on and transform into a hardworking athlete. He also has the capability to pack around children without skipping a beat.

She never wants to forget the bond and partnership they have. Their personalities work really well together, and she will be forever grateful for everything he has taught her

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