The Grier School

One of my favorite sessions each year is traveling up to The Grier School in Tyrone, PA. I have been making yearly trips up there for the past 3 years. Every year is a new experience and it is such a great way to see how I have grown as a photographer. I also love going up there because not only do I get to catch up with my first trainer, who I was surprised to find out I would be photographing her daughter Samantha with her pony Spike, but I also get to see some familiar faces from students I have photographed in the past.

Typically in the past I would do a full day of sessions but this year we decided to mix it and had sessions mixed up between two days. One of the days came as a fluke because a horse was away in New York for IHSA nationals but it was all good and Sophia + Alex had an amazing session that coming Wednesday. Lilly also decided to join in last minute and ended my 2019 Grier School Stables sessions with a bang and the most gorgeous light ever at Grier.

Sarah + Pepper

My first client of the Grier School Sessions this year was Sarah and her mare Pepper. If the girls at the school could describe Pepper in a few words they would say Beauty Queen Diva. She can not take a single bad photo. I was excited for Sarah’s session because for the first time in 3 years it was not RAINING!!! YAY! The light during her session was so lovely and I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Ally + Nikkita

One student was a returning client. Last year Ally did a session with the school’s horse names Taxi and lets say that session was less then ideal. Taxi had his own agenda and pictures were not on his schedule. Her session still turned out lovely and she really enjoyed the images but I felt bad for his behavior. Well this year she did her session with her horse Nikkita, this year it was smooth sailing and I LOVE how her images turned out.

Sophia + Alex

When Sophia booked her session she was originally suppose to go on the weekend like the other girls but Alex was up in New York for the IHSA Nationals so she had no horse. Luckily I was able to get back up to The Grier School 3 days later to do her session along with Lilly's.

Lilly + Xander + Liam

This was probably my favorite session out of the Grier School sessions. A few things that made it so much fun, two horses, the sunset and the fun fact that I photographed her sister Maggie the year before and ended up with an images very similar that was just random both times.

Black Background || Nikki || Noodle || Liam

While up a Grier, I also get the chance to do some Black Background sessions of the horses. It is always so exciting seeing how much my editing with black background sessions have improved in just a year and it is also fun adding to the collection of Grier School Horses I have photographed.

I am already looking forward to next years session and I am keeping my fingers crossed we might just be able to pull of Fall sessions this year. Just imagine central PA during the peak of fall….GORGOUSNESS!!!