Allie Rose Equine Sunset Session

Alex + Casper + Connor + Dahlia

This gallery is pure perfection. Allie sure does love her horses, I mean she has four of them! Her favorite thing to do with all of her horses is going for a happy hack in the field.

She does nothing but love on them! I can not wait to hang out with them again soon on this beautiful property!

"I never want to forget the feeling of peace my horses give me." - Allie Rose

This is kind of silly, but Allie refers to all of

her horses by different animal names. I wanted to share a little bit about each of their unique personalities.

Alex aka "Sloth"

The sweetest, silliest, weirdest, laziest horse Allie has ever had. Her favorite thing about Alex is he was always her hardest ride, but every time she needed him to, he stepped up to the plate. Alex came from an amateur who rode with Scott Stewart. Allie's proudest moment with Alex was right after she had taken a year off to deal with an injury and was just coming back.. He was just cantering a line of raised poles. No matter what, Alex always keeps Allie laughing!

Connor aka "Puppy"

Connor is always super happy and thinks everyone is his friend.. Kind of like a giant puppy! Allie's favorite thing about Connor is his personality. He is so sweet, happy and inquisitive. It is impossible to be sad around him and his canter. He has a million dollar canter! Allie got Connor through Katherine Newman, the vet had already sent him on the vet truck to Kentucky for the summer so she had to patch together a pre purchase. In 2019 she won a class on Connor and ended up Reserve Champion. It was Allie's first WEF blue.

Casper aka "Dino"

Casper is very stoic and a total gentleman. Right from the start, Casper gave Allie so much confidence in the ring. Her proudest moment with Casper was the first time she showed him. She had not been jumping much and had not shown in the 3ft for awhile. They did the Adult Eq and it was SOLID! Allie was really nervous but they went in and got the job done! It was not perfect but Allie was so proud of herself for doing it!

Dahlia aka "Moose"

Dahlia is Allie's war horse. She loves being admired but is only cuddly with her people and only when she feels like it. The bond she has with Dahlia is unlike anything she has ever had. Allie was actually leasing Dahlia for awhile and ended up purchasing her in 2021. Since then Allie has had so many amazing moments with Dahlia, her favorite memory being their first show. The second time Allie ever rode her was at a horse show and the third time she jumped her was in the show ring. They walked right into the Low Adult Jumpers and to top it off they took 2nd in the classic that weekend!