Having the opportunity to photograph Dani The Wonder Horse was such an honor. She is such a neat mare and her owner Laura has now become a great friend of mine. When I first met Laura, I learned she lived just one county over from where I grew up. We know a lot of the same places and some of the same people too! While chatting, the braider over heard our conversation of where we are from and the braider is from the same location. What a small world!

Dani has made a slash in the Hunter world usually full of all bays and chestnuts. Having a little splash of color to the ring is refreshing. It for sure makes her stand out! I have luckily been able to since visit Laura and Dani over the course of the past year. It's been awesome getting to see Dani's progress in her riding career, with trainer Ashley Glica, who owns ATG Equestrian.