The ES Equine Experience

Here we are all about you walking away from the session with gorgeous images to cherish for a life time. Our horses mean the world to us, they are not just a pet, they are more than that. They are a family member, a friend, a shoulder to cry on and they best therapist out there. My goal is to capture the bond between you and your horse along with your horse's unique personality. Anyone can take a pretty picture but can anyone tell your story, tell your horse's story?

When the session is complete another goal at ES Equine photography is for my clients to walk away with tangible items of your horse to display around your house, office, barn and to see on a daily basis. In the past, clients have had wonderful sessions and created beautiful images, only to have them sit on a USB in their drawer, never to be seen again. This felt like I was doing a disservice to their memories. One of the many reasons clients have photographs taken is to enjoy them on a daily basis.

To solve this problem, I turned my focus to my clients needs and put more importance on the tangible ways to remember your session. Now, I'm excited to offer a full-service equine photography business that will help you find the perfect products that fit your lifestyle to remember your session.

About two-three weeks after your session we will schedule a Photo Reveal + Artwork Design Experience. During this appointment, you will get to see the edited photos for the first time and design what wall art and other products you want. Clients will investment can range drastically from $500 in prints to $10K in multiple massive acrylic wall art. There is something for everyone, each experience is customized to your needs. On average most clients invest between $1500 to $3000 receiving a customized album and a few standard sized pieces of wall art.

Wall Art + Album Guide

At the conclusion of the Reveal + Artwork Design Experience, you will receive the link to your gallery where you will have access to the social media copies. These images are there for you to share with friends and family on any social media platform. It will be about 4-8 weeks until all your AMAZING customized wall art of your horse is in and I will schedule a time to meet up with you and hand-deliver to you or in certain circumstances I will have to products directly shipped to you. 

Horse + Rider Bond Session

This session takes place either 1.5 -2 hours before sunset or after sunrise. During sunset and sunrise the light is the most gorgeous and golden, this adds a touch of magic to the images. The bond session is all about you and your horse and the relationship you have created.

Equine Portraits

This session can be Black Background, White Background or both if you can not decide. The goal of the session is to capture who your horse is. We will set the horse up for certain poses but we will also let them be themselves to capture their personality. If your horse knows any tricks, this is a great time to showcase them.

Horse + Rider Bond

Sunrise or Sunset

- Up to an hour long

- 3-4 wardrobe changes 

- $100 Print Credit


Equine Portraits

Black or White Background

- Up to 30 minutes long 

- Takes place in a barn aisle or indoor

- $100 Print Credit


Ultimate Equine

Horse + Rider and Equine Portraits

- Up to 2 hours long 

- Includes Horse + Rider and Equine Portraits

- $200 Print Credit


ES Equine Photography does offer special group barn pricing. If anyone else at your barn is interested in a session on the same day, I will deduct 10% off everyone’s session fee for 4 or more bookings.