The Holy Spirit Mission

Holy Spirit Farm Horse Sanctuary (HSF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to saving and rehabilitating neglected/abused, injured, feral, OTTBs, and senior equines, in addition to other domestic animals. Since its official founding in 2017, HSF has rescued more than 40 horses and ponies, successfully adopting out most of them (all others remaining at the sanctuary for life!). Today, the rescue continues following their mission while also promoting equine education and all around horsemanship, getting the public engaged in the rescue cause, and partnering with other rescues and humane societies to reduce horse homelessness. 

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Together, we can all make a positive impact in the horse community. Each photo purchased not only supports the wonderful business of ES Equine Photography, but ensures that more horses and animals can be cared for and saved by HSF. You'll take an active role in rescuing these incredible creatures, and have some beautiful art to show for it.