Jamie || Maneline Stables

Spending an evening with Jamie and her sweet horses Seamus & Mattie was amazing. Both horses came from her aunt that breeds ponies. They both have the same father. Mattie was her last home bred until last year. She bred one of the ponies who recently just had the baby!


Mattie is very playful. She always goes at you when you pink her feat out, as if she's going to bite you.... but never bites. She's a licker! Jamie's favorite thing about Mattie is she was an easy pony to bring along and was the most quiet pony at her first show. She's just an easy going pony. Her third show, they won 3rd o/f in the baby greens riding against 11 professionals and all horses which made her the only pony.

Mattie loves trail riding most


Seamus is very different from any other horse Jamie's had. He's a little bit over spoiled and likes it his way. But, he's a very playful pony. Her favorite thing about Seamus is he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES jumping. They always have fun with that and he's never ducked out. He's very trust worthy. Seamus was brought to her in 5th grade, but she wasn't yet able to handle him at that age. She got to ride him a couple months, in 6th grade & 7th grade, before officially becoming a team this past winter (8th grade). It was quite a while, but patience was the key with him. Seamus has made a lot of progress, from bucking around every course, at every barn he was at. That was until he came to Jamie's trainers barn. They figured out how to get the buck out of him and it was simply rider error. Seamus and Jamie just needed to learn from a trainer that helped them get around the course. Seamus doesn't like other geldings or other horses except Mattie .

Seamus loves jumping

They are so smart, very personable & love to give a little sass once in a while

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