My First session of the 2020 season started off in Wellington Florida at Newbury Farm with trainer and owner Jean Sheptoff. I was so excited for my first Wellington session. Everything about Florida is amazing between the smells in the air, the perfectly manicured houses and farms and all the sunshine and palm trees. I pulled down Appoloasa Lane to Newbury farm.

I got to meet my models for the day. Milo a gorgeous VDL import, Millie the piggy and Toast the cutest pup ever and had such an awesome story. Sophie also joined for a few shots riding Milo.

I love good stories. Toast has such an awesome one. She was originally a homeless mans dog in Washington DC. During the Washington International Horse show held in Washington DC. Jean and her husband Cory were walking about outside in the city and saw this little pup cold, huddled next to the homeless man. They felt so bad and offered the man $100 for the dog. He gladly excepted the trade and Toast's fate was not looking better. Cory made a joke to Jean while looking at the puppy, "You sure would be Toast if we didn't save you" and that is how Toast got her name. She is by far my favorite puppy I look forward to seeing when I return for sessions. Can't wait to see her this Wellington Season 2021!!