Sky || Permelo Dun Morgan

I met Sky and her owner Bianca 2 years ago when they applied for a model call. Little did I know that Sky would end up becoming my staple horse to represent my business. I love using Sky because she is pretty much one of a kind. There are currently only 2 Permelo Dun Morgans alive that are registered in the World!! There has been only a handful ever to be registered and less then 70 is other breeds to have this coloring. She is 100% unique. For the past few months I have been following this Amazing Equine Photographer in Germany. She did a series of images with her horses on a black background and glitter or jewels on them. I have become obsessed with this idea and thought I have to try this out on a horse but who?? Sky of course.

Sky is only 3 years old and have been one of my best clients ever. She is sweet and patient and is willing to do anything. During her session she was falling asleep as I was putting the gems on her face. What 3 year old mare falls asleep while someone puts random sparkly sticky things on their face...Yea I do not know to many that would. Heck my mare is almost 12 and I still can not touch her mane let alone her face!!