Finding the perfect spot!

When figuring out where to place art, it can be very over whelming. One super easy way to find the right size and location for your customized wall art is by sending in pictures of the walls in your home that you feel would be the perfect place to display your images. Below are some examples of empty walls with a piece of paper taped to it and then in the middle a mock up of different layouts and the sizes that would look the best. The third image is the final image of the wall art hanging so you can see how accurate the mock ups are.


Place a piece of 8.5x11.5 printer paper on the wall you would like to display art.


Stand back as far as you can so you can snap a front on shot from floor to ceiling of the wall.


Email or Text those images to or 484-336-5938.


I will bring those images with to your reveal and we will create mock ups of your favorite images and it will help determine the size you need.


Wall art is ordered and delivered and it is time to hang it.